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SafEscape ELITE Kurtarma Liberatörü

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SafEscape ELITE Kurtarma Liberatörü
Ürün Kodu  :  SafEscape ELITE
Fiyatı  :  7.000,00 TL + KDV
Toplam Fiyatı  :  8.260,00 TL (KDV Dahil)


Rescue/Descent Device (RDD)

A proper safety at height program includes the necessary steps for safe and quick rescue in an emergency. The new Miller SafEscape™ ELITE RDD is the next generation global solution for rescue/descent that meets all applicable safety standards throughout the world, lowers cost of ownership, enhances safety and is easy to use.

Click here to view a new comprehensive website dedicated to Wind Energy that features rescue and evacuation demonstrations (the new SafEscape ELITE RDD), training videos and international course locations, data sheets, global contact information as well as a featured e-Learning course download.

The NEW! Humidity-Resistant Storage Case, now available with the SafEscape ELITE Wind Energy Kit, ensures that necessary rescue/descent equipment is available in an emergency situation, while protecting all components from damage, theft, vibration and potentially damaging environmental conditions such as humidity and moisture.

Looking for the original SafEscape

Global Solution

  • Meets All Applicable Safety Standards Globally.
    Companies operating internationally can be assured that the Miller SafEscape ELITE RDD meets all applicable safety standards throughout the world. The only rescue and descent device on the market that meets the very stringent, European EN341/2008 Standard.

Cost Savings

  • No Annual Factory Recertification – 7-year interval before an unused unit is required for recertification. Only unit on the market with extended service life – lowers cost of ownership. Keeps the Miller SafEscape ELITE RDD on-the-job, ready for service. No special storage case needed.

Enchances Safety

  • User-Rated for Up to Two (2) Workers.
    Designed for self-rescue, assisted rescue or provides the capability for more users to evacuate in a short period of time.
  • Approved for Multiple Descents.
    Designed for multiple descents to permit the evacuation of multiple workers or during training sessions requiring repetitive use.

Easy to Use

  • Bi-Directional Design.
    As a descent is initiated, the other end of the rope is ascending readying itself for another rescue.
  • Up to 1640-ft. (500 m) Lifeline Descent Capacity.
    Provides greater flexibility to address changing environments and ever-increasing height requirements.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design.
    Aluminum and stainless steel construction. Palm-size design makes handling the Miller SafEscape ELITE RDD easier during emergencies.
  • Optional Hoisting Wheel and/or Ladder Bracket Available.
    Hoisting wheel provides increased flexibility to help facilitate a variety of rescue situations. Specially-designed modular ladder bracket can be easily installed and removed based upon changing application needs or emergency requirements.
  • Convenient Kit Options Available.
    All-inclusive kits include components required for emergency evacuation and/or rescue.



Descent Loads:
1 person 66 – 330 lbs. (30 – 150 kg)
2 person 66 – 551 lbs. (30 – 250 kg)

Max. Descent Height:
1 person 1640-ft. (500 m)
2 person 656-ft. (200 m)

Approved for Single or Multiple Use

Hoisting Capacity:
220 lbs. (100 kg) up to 11-ft. (3.5 m) max 10 lifts

In Emergency:
617 lbs. (280 kg) up to 33-ft. (10 m) max 1 lift

Descent Speed:
3.3-ft./sec (1 m/s) at 220 lbs. (100 kg)


Without Rope:
3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) without hoisting wheel
4.8 lbs. (2.2 kg) with hoisting wheel


OSHA, ANSI/ASSE Z359.4, prEN341:2008/1A, EN1496:2007/B, CE0123, ISO22159:07/1/A


Housing: Anodized Aluminum

Hoisting Wheel: Glass Reinforced Nylon

Anchorage Ring: Stainless Steel

Pigtail: Stainless Steel

Rope Drum: Aluminum

Fasteners: Stainless Steel

Shaft & Gears: Stainless Steel

Bushings: Bronze

Lifeline: .4-in. (10.5 mm) Polyamide Kernmantle Rope



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